• Connect to same WiFi as your PC
  • Install My FTP Server (Magic FTP) from Play Store
  • Preferences (wheel)
  • Press "Password" to set password
  • Press "Server Start Directory"
  • Change it to "/storage/extSDcard/DCIM" or where you photos/data are
  • < Go Back
  • Now Start Magic FTP by pressing play button to the left of wheel
  • Don't forget to turn it off by pressing stop button again after your done transferring


  • Install FileZilla (FileZilla3.36.0win64-setup.exe)
  • Start Filezilla
  • Write the IP under "IP Address" from Magic FTP in "Host"
  • Write "user" on "Username"
  • Write the password you wrote in Magic FTP's "Password"
  • Write in "12345" in "Port"
  • Press quick connect
  • Now you can transfer files at fast speed between Android and PC over FTP

wrote this earlier today, its fairly simple s3 backup script written in bash

pretty nice IMAP/SMTP webclient with a sleek interface
Download or try the demo

Found these useful matroska tools

  • Moo0 Video Cutter lets you cut out parts of the matroska container
  • mkvCleaver lets you (batch) extract stuff from matoska container like subtitles
  • MKVToolNix lets you mux files and extract from a matroska container
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