The Rebel Alliance's AV1 Video Codec Encoding Guide · April 30, 2018 · av1 ffmpeg encoding AOMedia rebel transcoding convert 10bit 4k 1080p 720p

The Fire Escape 4K Benchmark · June 3, 2017 · x264 4k y4m ffmpeg encoding mlt shotcut benchmark

Setting up Microsoft's Beam LiveStreaming with AMD ReLive · December 11, 2016 · AMD nvidia encoding ReLive ShadowPlay OBS AMF VCE Live Streaming Beam Microsoft crimson

Simple Daala Encoder · August 2, 2015 · encoding simple daala codec video thor

Daala for Windows · April 11, 2015 · ffmpeg encoding ogg Windows daala x64 NetVC x264 xiph 64-bit amd64

Compiling Daala on Cygwin x64 · November 12, 2014 · encoding compile daala codec video compresson cygwin x64 apt-cyg

4K Encoding to VP9/Opus · April 15, 2014 · ffmpeg encoding vp9 opus red 4k

Encoding sintel · October 28, 2013 · ubuntu aria2c ffmpeg sintel images encoding

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