above scores are average of 5 runs
please note that these systems are not benchmark systems and are real world

ive been working on this for a while

it lets you measure the time it takes your processor to encode video to different video codecs, it simply times the amount of time it takes to prep and encode a shotcut project file that has 4K video with some text overlay and some awesome music in flac by GUNSHIP

  • bench.x264.py Encoding 3840x2160p24 4K Shotcut Project using qmelt to x264 with Slow Preset and 16 CRF
  • bench.x265.py Encoding 3840x2160p24 4K Shotcut Project using qmelt to x265 with Slow Preset and 16 CRF
  • bench.vp9.py whenever google gets around to implementing proper multi-threading
  • bench.av1.py whenever aomedia gets around to finalizing spec and implementing multi-threading


this should test cpu/ram and ssd/hdd and the results are in seconds

special thanks to iWalkingCorpse for 1500X, Vegetables for 1700 3.8Ghz, Xplode for Threadripper 1950X

This Benchmark is based on Shotcut and MLT open source project https://www.shotcut.org/

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