A overview of AV1 Codec


Daily mmm-hd builds (Should be able to output 8/10/12bit)** thanks to 06_taro/mmm-hd

Patched LAVFilter with av1 decoding (8/10/12 bit)** thanks to 06_taro/mmm-hd

StaxRip GUI Encoder

Xaymar's AOMedia Video 1 Encoder for OBS Studio (work in progress)

Nwgat Win64 Builds



aomenc -v --good --target-bitrate=6000 -o output.webm outputgirl.1080p.y4m


  • --best (like placebo slow, probably removed soon?)
  • --good (faster)
  • -target-bitrate= (bitrate?)
  • -v (verbose)

AOM AV1 Supports:

  • --yv12 Input file is YV12
  • --i420 Input file is I420 (default)
  • --i422 Input file is I422
  • --i444 Input file is I444
  • --i440 Input file is I440


realtime playback
aomdec test.webm | mpv -

decoder export to raw frames
aomdec test.mkv -o test.raw

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