You simply have to chmod your keyfile and use a some extra options

  • chmod 600 $HOME/.ssh/yourkeyfile
  • mkdir $HOME/mount-local
  • sshfs -o "IdentityFile=$HOME/.ssh/yourkeyfile" $HOME/mount-local

other stuff

  • -o debug (enable debug)
  • -o ro (read only)
  • -p 22 (change port)

found this neat utility the other day
here is how to clone and mount the result images

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install safecopy sudo safecopy --stage1 /dev/source /media/mount/dest.img

(if all data was copied then skip stage2 and stage3, if not proceed to stage2)

sudo safecopy --stage2 /dev/source /media/mount/dest.img sudo safecopy --stage3 /dev/source /media/mount/dest.img

list image information file dest.img

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