Openshot 2.0 Presets modern codecs support for openshot

Chocolately Packages the sources for the packages on

ZeroSensor HTU21 Sensor logger with httpd server in python

NinjaService a python script that can be run with nssm

PlayKodi (work in progress) a cli kodi controller in bash

Sifcoder (work in progress) a aomedia av1 encoder frontend in bash that also saves in y4m and png

NodeJS-rTorrent i did the Testing and Documentation
webui for rtorrent, inspired by rutorrent but built with nodejs

Here is some example chocolateyInstall.ps1 scripts

single file download and install

zip file download and install

just submitted s3put package for review but you can still install it by
choco install s3put --version 2.1.1

"s3put is a really quick'n'dirty CLI app for [S3] and [GCS].

Originally, it has been written during an S3 upload which was taking too long, because there are no tools which support multiple parallel uploads. s3put does. Later, the capability for getting buckets and copying them to the local disk was added."

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