October 30, 2013

lftp 4.4.10 for windows

The latest can be found here

lftp is a exellent swish army knife for file transfers, and i use it on my servers now, but i could not find a windows build of latest version, so i built one my self, here is 4.4.10 win32

Libraries used:
Readline 6.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb 2013, libiconv 1.14, zlib 1.2.8

if you are building it your self you have to add sftp:connect-program ./ssh.exe -y to lftp.conf in same folder as lftp.exe and ssh.exe

lftp 4.4.10 win32 (torrent)

sources can be found here

big thanks to ilijamt for his windows building guide

simple one-liners commands i use for maximum speed and usefulness, btw try experiment with higher pget-n= number

mirror from server
lftp sftp://user:passsword@server:port -e 'mirror --verbose --use-pget-n=8 -c /server/folder C:\local\folder'

mirror to server
lftp sftp://user:passsword@server:port -e 'mirror -R --verbose --use-pget-n=8 -c C:\local\folder /dest/folder'

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