up to date lftp builds for windows


I have been reseaching on howto get lftp with sftp/ssh working property on windows, it is a bit funky running under windows using standalone cygwin binaries, but it does work

Some things i noticed is

  • You have to add ./ssh.exe or ssh.exe to commandline to get it to work correctly

(on chocolately ssh works)

  • You have to use /cygdrive/driveletter/folder as source or dest path depending on which way you want to mirror

if you want to cancel a download press Ctrl + C

and am fully aware ssh.exe will spawn a few windows for each process, this started to happen in the latest lftp builds on windows 10 for some reason (fixed in 4.6.4?)

Download LFTP Builds (now in 64-bit flavour)

  • Full credits goes to lftp developers for their awesome software, donate to them
  • new builds are also heartbleed fixed
  • having issues?, first test it on a linux system to confirm its a real lftp bug or a cygwin issue, post in the blog forum, to cygwin issue tracker or lftp issue tracker

You can use the choco package manager for windows

Simple setup guide to choco with ssh batch examples (chocolately)

  • choco install lftp --version 4.7.5 (* auto 32/64)
  • choco install lftp --version 4.6.6 (* auto 32/64)
  • choco install lftp --version 4.6.5 (* auto 32/64)
  • choco install lftp --version 4.6.4 (* auto 32/64)
  • choco install lftp --version 4.6.1 (32-bit only)
  • *Can now run everywhere in cmd/powershell

or download standalone https://lftp.nwgat.ninja

feel free to mirror it with lftp -e "set ssl:verify-certificate no; mirror -c" https://lftp.nwgat.ninja/

Version 4.6.5 - 2015-12-10

  • sftp: fixed handling of out-of-order replies.
  • fixed futex_wait issue in SIGCHLD handler.
  • ftp: fixed ls freezing with unstable server connection.
  • torrent: show more correct ETA on the status line.
  • fixed gnutls priority string.
  • mirror: fixed excessive stack usage on large directories.
  • documented some hard to fix bugs.
  • improved man page on open command and cmd:prompt setting.
  • translations updated (zh_TW).

older changelogs can be found at offical lftp site