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LFTP for Windows

Download LFTP Builds (now in 64-bit flavour)

You can use the choco package manager for windows

Simple setup guide to choco with ssh batch examples (chocolately)

or download standalone

older builds at

Version 4.9.2 - 2020-08-13

mkdir: fixed exit code with -f option.
ftp: made ftp:use-pret setting tri-boolean.
get/mget/put/mput: don't try next files after error if cmd:fail-exit is true.
get/mget: fixed -O option with remote URL and xfer:use-temp-file being true.
mirror: disallow empty patterns; don't delete "..".
mirror: fixed --on-change with --reverse.
sftp: fixed a bug with truncated files when packets are reordered (finally).

older changelogs can be found at offical lftp site

up to date lftp builds for windows

Use in a batch script


I have been reseaching on howto get lftp with sftp/ssh working property on windows, it is a bit funky running under windows using standalone cygwin binaries, but it does work

Some things i noticed is

(on chocolately ssh works)

if you want to cancel a download press Ctrl + C

and am fully aware ssh.exe will spawn a few windows for each process, this started to happen in the latest lftp builds on windows 10 for some reason (fixed in 4.6.4?)

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