well because most of the recipes are for americans or japanese heh


how to make it

  • Put the seaweed into water for 3 min
  • boil udon in 500ml water for like 2 min or depending on how soft you want it
  • fry the "biffstrimler" and add "1 tea spoon" of mirin and soya source on it (or just wing it)
  • add one udon soup sachet in a bowl and boil ~200ml water and put it in a bowl and stir
  • transfer "udon" in the bowl and add "biffstrimler"
  • cut "vårløk" in pieces and sprinkle on top
  • now sprinkle the wet seaweed on top
  • you can also put alot of other toppings if you want like hard boiled eggs, tamagoyaki, corn and pork etc
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