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Quick & Easy Ubuntu Server

Setup a Ubuntu Server

(a Idiots guide to running a linux based web server)

this guide will make your server both secure and easy to administer

1. Droplet with LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)

Go to DigitalOcean
Create a account
Select Size
Select Region
Select Image
LAMP on Ubuntu 14.04

2. Set mysql “root” Password and secure it

3. Add a Web User

Now you can login with webuser using
a sftp client like Filezilla (use port 22)
and you have access to www files

4. Adminer (Optional)

Web based MySQL administration

You can now login with mysql root/password

5. Monitoring (Optional)

vnstats lets you monitor daily/monthly bandwidth usage

nethogs is a realtime monitor for ethernet traffic

Glances is a system monitor for your GNU/Linux or BSD operating system from console

6. Secure the system

Now you can run root commands by adding sudo before
the command you want to run like sudo apt-get install
use your user password

*disaster sudo recovery

7 Disable root login

now login as your_username and run sudo before every command
if you want to become root again run
sudo su

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