HP ENVY 360 2500U Vega 8 2x8GB NVMe 15.6" 1080p IPS
Dell Dell Latitude 5495 2700U Vega 10 2x4GB? ? ?
Acer Swift 3 SF315-41 2700U Vega 10 1x8GB? ? 15.6" 1080p IPS
Acer Nitro 5 2700U RX 560/Vega 10 1x8GB? ? 15.6" 1080p IPS
Lenovo Ideapad 720S 2700U Vega 10 1x8GB? NVMe 13.3" 1080p IPS
ASUS Strix GL702ZC 1700/1600 (Desktop Class) 580 4GB 2x16GB SATA? 17.3" 1080p IPS 120hz

A overview of AV1 Codec






AOM Builds


Nwgat Win64



mmm-hd builds (outdated)

Compiling/Building some of these are outdated


Nwgat Guide

This seems interesting and a modern vpn altenative to tinc, openvpn and its wicked fast! and simple to setup

"WireGuard is a secure network tunnel, operating at layer 3, implemented as a kernel virtual network interface for Linux, which aims to replace both IPsec for most use cases, as well as popular user space and/or
TLS-based solutions like OpenVPN, while being more secure, more performant, and easier to use. "

Trying to teach myself japanese. Here are some of the resources i found useful

  • First learn Hiragana
  • Then learn Katakana and then learn Kanji

Dont overdo memrise, take one level at a time. Set goal for 15 min a day and meybe do it every 3-4 hours thats what i do to refresh my memory

Some people set 45min and do it all at the same time every day, i think they get to much information and they get more frustrated/bored as time goes by

i found useful it read hiragana in anime/dramas or random Japanese video on youtube to motivate me

Nice Japanese people on twitter to send simple hiragana tweets to and on discord






Here are those i find interesting and that you can watch if you live in norway or the nordics* the availablity is getting better

will also probobly update this list

Shokugeki no Soma: San no Sara food porn at its best, gordon ramsey would orgasm in his sleep after watching this
Available in Norway (Nordics?) @ Crunchyroll

Umaru R umaru is back, awesome (fun & annoying as hell) as ever
Available in Norway (Nordics?) @ HiDive

Net-suu no Susume aka MMO Junkie if your a gamer like me its good, even PCMR approves
Available in Norway (Nordics?) @ Crunchyroll

Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau aka Childeren of the Whales pretty & has a interesting story a watch
Available in Norway (Nordics?) @ nope, but netflix has a placeholder

Black Clover Interesting show about brothers and magic
Available in Norway (Nordics?) @ Crunchyroll

Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World ironic but hey its has dogs and bikes
Available in Norway (Nordics?) @ Crunchyroll

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