November 17, 2015 · supR3HardenedWinInstallHooks Avira Virtualbox NTCreateSection antivirus exclude 0x0000034 status_object_name_not_found

How to fix "supR3HardenedWinInstallHooks" Virtualbox Error

if you get this error
"VirtualBox - Error In supR3HardenedWinInstallHooks" title and following body: "Failed to install NtCreateSection monitor: ff 25 e0 e8 5e 9 0 0 f 5 c3 f 1f 44 0 0 (rc=-8)", but you may see some other error.

you must simply exclude "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox" and virtualbox.exe in your antivirus software

its a compatibility issue between virtualbox and some antivirus programns, i have noticed it on one of my systems running Avira

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