Step 1 Check your system for errors (important or the clone might fail)

  • run these to avoid Error 9 and Error 23
  • chkdsk C: /F repair disk
  • sfc /scannow repair windows system files
  • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth repairs windows install files
  • if you get Error 10, Write error try using a USB 2.0 Port or a USB 2.0 cable alternatively a better USB 3.0 cable

Step 2 Macrium Reflect's Clone ability

  • Download & Install Macrium Reflect 8 Free
  • Go to Create Backups and click on Clone this disk under the disk you want to clone
  • Select the Destination Disk you want to clone to
  • Choose Copy Partitions
  • Select Shrink or extend partitions to fill disk
  • Click Next on Schedule this clone
  • Look over the clone summary and click Finish
  • Uncheck the Save backup as an xml backup definition option
  • Click on Run this backup Now