Fixing stutters and other microsoft shenanigans

try disable tpm, if that fails try disable mpo if that also fails, try the rest below

Turn off TPM in BIOS (Windows 10)

  • go to start menu
  • type "cmd" then right click and click on "Run As Administrator"
  • type in "@powershell get-tpm"
  • if you get False your good, if you get True
  • then go into bios and disable tpm

if this fixes it, then you need to update your motherboard uefi bios

Disable MPO

Change ANGLE to D3D11on12 in Edge

  • edge://flags/#use-angle

Disable Hardware Acceleration (DXVA Decoding) in Edge

  • edge://settings/?search=use%20hardware%20acceleration

Try Run Discord in browser instead of the desktop app

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