October 16, 2015 · kodi blu-ray iso tv show episode mapping seasons Library

Adding Episodes on TV Show Blu-Ray ISOs to Kodi Library

a user on stackoverflow just answered a question i asked with a simple solution. you can use .strm files to map to a blu-ray playlist, this makes it pretty easy to add episodes for kodi libary

you just have to make a file(s) with the tv show Season/Episode like this)

tvshow 1x01 and put udf://C%3a%5ctvshow%5cTVSHOW_S01_D1.iso/BDMV/PLAYLIST/00001.mpls inside
you can find the correct link by "browse into" a blu-ray disc .iso to play the playlist file in kodi and reading the kodi.log file afterwords)

and you have to save link to the mpls or pls list of the episode inside the .strm file

here is a folder overview (C:/tvshow/)

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