Samsung UltraHD 55" HU7505 and my annoyances with it

Nice TV, but it has alot of small annoyances


  • Subtitles and Smart LED is a mess!? its not that smart, it will boost backlight on lower parts of the picture when the subtitles shows up
  • not possible to change primary subtitle language, its greyed out on mkv content (!)
  • not possible to turn off english subtitles on english language
  • or turn on english subtitles on japanese/non-english content only


  • When browsing DLNA media server and sort by date, it will go back to root path and sort everything(this take ages with alot of media), would have been more useful and alot faster to do it on a per folder basis, so i can set sorting after date on "my pictures folder" but in the underfolders it can keep sorting a-z


  • no FLAC in mkv support (it does play Music FLACs via DLNA)
  • no OPUS in mkv support (vorbis works however)
  • if the audio is unsupported, would have been useful if it tries another audio track? some of my files have both flac and dts/ac3
  • no H.264 High Profile 10-bit in mkv support (what? it is a 10-bit (12-bit?!) UltraHDTV for crying out lound)

will update as i notice more, some things might work but i havnt find out how, will try more testing of files

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