Quick & Easy: Xshell SSH Tunneling Remote Desktop

Create a new Xshell Profile

  • New Connection
  • Name: yourserver
  • Host: yourserveripdomain
  • Port: your ssh port


  • public Key
  • Username: yourusername
  • Userkey: youruserkey

SSH > Tunneling > Add

  • Type Direction: Local (Outgoing)
  • Source Host: Localhost
  • Listening Port: 3400
  • Destination Host: Localhost (for rdp host or ip of machine inside ssh network)
  • Destination Port: 3389
  • Description: Remote Desktop SSH Tunnel

Now connect to rdp server via ssh network

  • Run Ctrl + R and mstsc.exe -v localhost:3400

either setup a sshd server on the windows server or have a linux server inside your network with sshd running and that has port open

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