Quick & Easy: Compiling PartClone on Solus Linux

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Compile Partclone

  • sudo eopkg it -c system.devel
  • sudo eopkg it e2fsprogs-devel ntfs-3g ntfs-3g-devel btrfs-progs btrfs-progs-devel ncurses-devel
  • mkdir build && cd build
  • wget https://github.com/Thomas-Tsai/partclone/archive/0.2.89.zip
  • unzip 0.2.89.zip && cd partclone*
  • ./configure --enable-ncursesw --enable-btrfs --enable-exfat --enable-fat --enable-ntfs --enable-extfs --enable-hfsp --enable-minix --prefix=/usr/
  • make -j4
  • sudo make install

using Partclone.dd (Full Backup & Restore using dd mode )

  • lsblk
  • sudo partclone.dd -s /dev/device -o /home/backups/device.img (Backup drive to file)
  • sudo partclone.dd -s /home/backups/device.img -o /dev/device (Restore file to drive)

explain Partclone

  • show ncurses progress = -N
  • source file or device = -s
  • output file or device = -o
  • set buffer size = -z 4096 (useful for raspberry pi)

using Partclone (Partition Backup & Restore)


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