Displaying Videos on ESP32 with a 128x64 OLED Display

its not really a video in that sense but a sequence of images


  • Lolin D32 (or another board
  • a 128x64 OLED Display (SSD1306)


  • Install Shortcut
  • Install ImageMagic
  • install mpfshell
  • Open Shotcut > Video Mode (Click on Automatic)
  • Write OLED 128x64 in Name
  • Set Resolution to 128x64, Aspect to 2:1 and Frame rate to 10
  • now drop a video or gif into shotcut, you can now edit it
  • when your finished your edit, open export (ctrl+9) then Stock > Stills > PNG and save your file into a folder
  • now we run magick (imagemagic) in that folder you saved a sequence of png files
  • magick *.png -depth 16 seq%05d.pbm
  • mpfshell COM4 -n -c mput .*pbm (upload to ESP8266)

more info

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