Computer Repair Workflow

This is my computer repair workflow for the time being

  1. Full Harddrive Image Backup with Macrium Reflect LiveUSB (verify if data is there)
    tell the person you need to take backup to do fix it

  2. Install or Reset Windows

  3. Run Windows Update

  4. Install Drivers

  5. Install Software via Chocolately
    choco install googlechrome sumatrapdf libreoffice xnview ccleaner foobar2000 7zip

  6. Create Chocolateley Upgrade All shortcut link
    %windir%\system32\cmd.exe /k choco upgrade all

  7. Install Macrium Reflect Free
    choco install reflect-free

  8. copy the backup image to machine and mount the macrium reflect image as a drive and copy the content to documents

  9. Done

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