Just a technology blog thats following the flow with music, anime, food and some occasional rants

I started this website as a video encoding page in 2004 then i found out why not make it a blog.
So then i found digitalocean in 2013 and setup a vm there and now you have my current site.
I've also moved from nwgat.net to nwgat.ninja when .ninja was released, both domains will work :)

highly recommend using http://explainshell.com/ for anything you find on this blog

Reasons to why this blog is down?

  • me being lazy
  • me messed up something
  • me sleeping
  • me not home
  • me forgot
  • random network outage somewhere
  • letsencrypt being a ass
  • all the above

some interesting stats

  • ~150 visitors a day
  • ~4500 visits a month
  • Top countries are USA, Germany, United Kingdom, China and France
  • 95% Desktop & 5% Mobile


Places around the web you can find me:

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